What Would Make You Switch Financial Advisors?

When’s the last time you thought about the relationship you had with your financial advisor?

For most people, that’s not something that regularly crosses your mind. As long as your portfolio performs well and your advisor picks up when you call, there’s not much you should be concerned about, right?


As your portfolio grows (and your risk exposure increases) it’s important that you and your advisor consider the bigger picture with your finances—which includes P&C insurance protection. Think about the gaps that may exist in your coverage or the types of coverage that you may be lacking. Your interests and collections are diverse, so your insurance coverage needs to be so as well.

You’ve worked hard to build your nest egg; shouldn’t you and your financial team work just as hard to protect it? Read more about what you should expect from your financial advisor: How Advisors Can Go Deeper With P&C Insurance

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Fran O’Brien is Division President, North America Personal Risk Services at Chubb.

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