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Finding the Right Valuable Articles Coverage For Your (Artistic) Taste

Whether you are a serious art collector or you stumbled across a piece when cleaning out the attic, many Americans own art worth tens of thousands of dollars. Coupled with an art market that continues to grow—sales reached $67.4 billion in 2018, up 6% from the previous year according to The Art Market—those pieces are only becoming more valuable.

But, the value of your artwork is susceptible to more than just market conditions. Harsh sun, water leaks, accidental scratches and other unfortunate mishaps can all irreparably damage a work of art. To make matters worse, many collectors don’t have proper valuable articles insurance coverage. That means, when purchasing a piece of art, your existing homeowners or property policy might not automatically cover the item. If you do have such a policy, does the purchase price or value exceed the coverage limit? Finally, what happens if the piece is damaged in transport---are you covered?

Ensuring you have the right valuable articles policy can mean getting one simple answer to your many questions. Learn more about how to protect your art and finding the right coverage.

Laura Doyle is Vice President, Art, Jewelry & Valuable Collections Manager, Chubb Personal Risk Services.

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