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Help Keep Your Jewelry Safe

Vacations are a great way to recharge and relax, but with average residential burglaries occurring every 23 seconds1, small and easy to stash valuable items like your jewelry may be left vulnerable. When not worn, jewelry should be kept in your at-home safe or at a bank vault. Before leaving home, here are some tips that risk management specialists recommend on how you can better protect your jewelry:


  • Install a monitored security alarm system, which includes a combination of contacts on all openings, interior motion and glass break sensors and a back-up line to ensure signal continuity. Don’t forget to alarm second floor windows and doors; they are also access points for break and enters.


  • Security cameras are also a good idea and can be installed around the perimeter and in key areas of the home.


  • Not all safes are created equal! Have a safe professionally installed that is either bolted to the structure, or too heavy to move (consider over 750 pounds). Choose a safe that is power tool resistant for at least 30 minutes; look for a TL-30 rating or equivalent.


  • Consider connecting your safe to your home monitoring alarm system and placing it on its own zone to ensure it remains active at all times, even when the perimeter alarm is deactivated.


  • Consider installing a second safe – this will help to spread the risk and manage the collection.


  • Your safe should be hidden and access restricted.


  • Monitor who has access to your home and run background checks on household employees and workers. 


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Looking for more safe and home security tips?


  • Chubb also offers a suite of services to help protect your jewelry and valuables collections. Please contact your agent or broker to learn more.


Tannie Ng is Assistant Vice President, Senior Art, Jewelry & Valuable Collections Underwriter, Chubb Personal Risk Services.

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